Mysterious id Software Game Gets Rated, Could Be New Rumored Quake Title with Female Protagonist

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Image: id Software

A mysterious new game from DOOM developer id Software and publisher Bethesda Softworks has been rated by the Australian Classification Board (ACB). Code named “Project 2021B,” the listing reveals little about what the game actually is and what franchise it might belong to, but recent rumors from XboxEra insider Nick Baker (Shpeshal Nick) suggest that it could be a new Quake title developed by id Software and Wolfenstein’s MachineGames to celebrate the iconic FPS series’ 25th anniversary. According to Baker, this Quake title will feature both single-player and multi-player game modes, as well as a female protagonist. The ACB has classified Project 2021B as a mature game with violence and online interactivity.

In January of this year, the ACB rated ‘Project 2021A’ from Id Software and Bethesda. Two months later, the game was confirmed to be Doom 3: VR Edition for PlayStation VR. […] Bethesda recently confirmed that QuakeCon will return in August 2021 as an all-digital event for the second year running.

Sources: Australian Classification Board, VGC

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