Image: Bluepoint Games

Texas-based video game developer Bluepoint Games has been increasingly gaining clout with PlayStation gamers thanks to its excellent remakes of iconic titles such as Uncharted, Shadow of the Colossus, and Demon’s Souls. According to an image that was inadvertently shared by PlayStation Japan’s official Twitter account, Bluepoint Games has impressed Sony so much that it has decided to acquire the studio and bring it into its growing family of first-party PlayStation studios. Bluepoint Games’ latest title is Demon’s Souls, a remake of FromSoftware’s 2009 action RPG for PS3 that served as the launching point for the highly popular Souls series. Rumors have suggested that Bluepoint is currently working on a Metal Gear Solid remake.

The tweet was posted by PlayStation Japan at approximately the same time PlayStation announced the acquisition of Housemarque. The artwork used for both tweets is near identical aside from two key differences; one has Bluepoint Games’ logo instead of Housemarque’s, and the deleted image also has the Demon’s Souls key art in the montage of games in the background.

Sources: Nibel, IGN

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