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Television-style advertisements could be coming to console and PC games courtesy of a TV ad tech company named Simulmedia. As reported by Axios, Simulmedia has launched a new in-game advertising platform called playerWON that allows marketers to entice gamers and other younger demographics by running TV spots in video games. These advertisements will reportedly comprise 15- or 30-second video ads that can be viewed in exchange for unlocking exclusive gaming perks. Simulmedia has already struck deals with two of the world’s biggest gaming companies, Electronic Arts and Tencent.

Image: Simulmedia

Using Simulmedia’s technology, developers can code those ads into their games. They then can decide which rewards to provide to gamers in exchange for them to agree to watch an ad. Through its ad server, Simulmedia is able to see whether an ad is completed. It then sends a notification that you can release rewards to the player. Rewards can vary from in-game currency to skins (costumes) for gaming avatars.

Sources: Axios, Kotaku

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  1. If a game becomes ad driven like the free phone games but you stillwater go buy the game I will be seeking refunds on them. Or reversing charges through my bank. Thats just not right.

  2. Ugh…

    Although I remember when Sony tried this with billboards in Planetside. It didn’t take off then.

    But it could now… ugh.

  3. [ATTACH type=”full” alt=”5f1u26.jpg”]1145[/ATTACH]

    Hopefully this can be firewalled off.

    That will probably just push even more devs to “always online required” even for single player games.

    which in turn will force me to buy my games online (it is the right thing to do to pay the studios) but then torrent the cracked version in order to play it, because I’m not putting up with this shit. No way, no how.

  4. [QUOTE=”Tsing, post: 36974, member: 5″]
    [URL=’’]Continue reading…[/URL]
    Love that image.
    P.V. Robocop ad’s were awesome. Still get a grin about the auto-theft protection one in RB2.


  5. Didn’t someone already try to add unskippable ads to their games and it backfired tremendously?

  6. [QUOTE=”MadMummy76, post: 37016, member: 1298″]
    Didn’t someone already try to add unskippable ads to their games and it backfired tremendously?
    It was 2K NBA I think.


  7. I love the Robocop commercials but if they are going to be in my game they better be funny.

    One of my favs was “Nuke ‘Em” from OG Robocop.


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