Rust Gets NVIDIA DLSS, Boosting Performance by Up to 50 Percent at 4K


Facepunch Studios’ Rust is the latest game to benefit from NVIDIA’s deep learning super sampling technology, DLSS. According to a blog post shared by green team, GeForce RTX graphics card users can enjoy boosted system performance by up to 50 percent in Rust with DLSS enabled while maintaining comparable image quality to native resolution rendering, going so far as to improve the multiplayer-only survival game’s anti-aliasing and details of objects in the distance. Rust also supports NVIDIA Reflex, which can reduce latency by up to 38 percent in the game.

To enable DLSS in Rust, download and install our latest Game Ready Driver, download the Rust update when released at 11 AM PT, then adjust settings in the Options Graphics menu. In our testing, frame rates increased by up to 50% at 4K with DLSS. Faster performance gives you smoother gameplay, or if you love eye candy, the headroom to crank up detail levels and rendering resolutions.

Source: NVIDIA

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