Image: Green House Gaming

Green House Gaming has announced a 27-inch gaming monitor with IGZO technology, which allows for lower power consumption (this panel is rated for 65 W max consumption), lower response times, and increased pixel density. The new panel features a 165 Hz refresh rate, 2560×1440 resolution, HDR and adaptive sync support, and a 2 ms GtG response time. It can also be rotated 90 degrees on its height-adjustable stand. Ports include 1x DP, 3x HDMI, and 1x USB-C. Pricing has not been revealed.

Image: Green House Gaming

IGZO, which stands for indium gallium zinc oxide, is a semiconductor material that is used on backlighting modules of LCD panels. IGZO features a 20–50 times faster electron mobility, considerably better translucency (transparency) and smaller transistor size, compared to amorphous silicon (a-Si) traditionally featured on backlighting modules of LCDs.  

Sources: Green House Gaming, PC Watch, Tom’s Hardware

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  1. They’re claiming that the panel can more or less keep up with LG’s Nano IPS panels while still hitting competitive contrast ratios and higher color coverage – be interesting to see how it stacks up!

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