Windows 7 Usage Rises among Steam Users, AMD Processors Lose Traction

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Image: Microsoft

Despite the ubiquity of Windows 10, there appears to still be a considerable faction of PC gamers who refuse to give up Microsoft’s nearly 12-year-old and out-of-support legacy operating system, Windows 7. This is according to Steam’s latest hardware and software survey, which reveals that Windows 7 usage managed to increase by 2.91 percent in the month of June, lifting its overall adoption rate to 4.88 percent among Steam users who opted to submit their configurations to Valve for disclosure. Albeit relatively minor, the sudden boost of interest in Windows 7 seems especially curious now that even Windows 10’s successor, Windows 11, is technically out and available for users to try in the form of insider builds. Steam’s hardware and software survey for June also revealed that processor usage went down for AMD; Intel CPU market share gained by 1.72 percent.

Image: Steam

It remains to be seen whether AMD will be able to reclaim its 30% and hold onto that figure for more than a month on the CPU end of its operations. Its stats are still nowhere near its primary competitor on the GPU side, hovering around 15%, while NVIDIA commands a hefty 76%.

Sources: Steam, Windows Central

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