Patriot Follows ADATA in Changing SSD Components without Notice or Documentation

Image: Patriot

Product specifications are important to many PC enthusiasts. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers update documentation when changes are made. One redditor ordered Patriot’s 2 TB VPN100 SSD and expected to get a drive with the E12 Phison controller with 2 GB of DRAM, but what they got was an E12S controller and 512 of DRAM instead. Patriot seems to be following ADATA, which did something similar only a few months ago. ADATA had gone so far as to ship different products when they sold out during Black Friday. Patriot’s VPN1000 SSD is now sold out on its store page. The user reached out to Patriot about the changes with less than desirable results.

Image: Hexagonian

According to reddit user Hexagonian, he was surprised to open up his brand new Patriot VPN100 2 TB SSD to find that the components listed in Patriot’s documentation don’t fit at all with what’s actually packaged in the SSD solution. Namely, Patriot’s documentation clearly lists a Phison E12 controller paired with 2 GB of DRAM cache. However, the Patriot VPN100 user Hexagonian received featured the Phison E12S controller alongside just 1/4 of the announced DRAM cache, at 512 MB.

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Peter Brosdahl
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