Newegg Launches Custom PC Assembly Service

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Image: Newegg

Newegg has announced that it will begin offering a professional PC assembly service for enthusiasts who are too lazy to build their own systems but patient enough to select the individual components that will go into it. The new service is centered around’s Custom PC Builder, which allows users to pick between entry-level, mainstream, and enthusiast configurations or gradually select their CPU, graphics card, and other components step by step. Newegg pointed out in its press release that it “can source virtually any build using existing inventory within their network,” which seems to suggest that this might be a clever or desperate way for enthusiasts to get access to certain in-demand products. Newegg’s new build-to-order service is still in the beta stage, but the company has promised that it will evolve to include unique options such as laser engraving for further customization and personalization.

Image: Newegg

“Our purpose-built PC assembly line is staffed with skilled technicians,” said Vishal Mane, Director of Engineering at Newegg. “With a massive component inventory on hand and a team of skilled builders standing by, Newegg is simply the best option for customers who refuse to compromise on quality and who want their expertly built computers delivered more quickly than any other BTO service.”

Source: Business Wire

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