Portable Xbox Series S Screen Gets Crowdfunded in 20 Minutes

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Image: UPspec Gaming

There’s an integrated folding screen called the xScreen in development for the Xbox Series S that allows owners of Microsoft’s weaker (but still capable) next-gen console to transform it into a more portable, laptop-like gaming device. Interest in the xScreen appears to be notable, as the display launched this morning on Kickstarter and managed to reach its crowdfunding goal of $9,739 in just 20 minutes. According to the team behind the project, the xScreen requires no modification to the Xbox Series S console, nor does it require an HDMI cable or extra power cable for operation. The xScreen also features a “perfectly integrated form factor.”

In order to make the form factor perfectly match the Xbox Series S, an 11.6-inch screen is the maximum size we could use. In this screen size the highest resolution and framerate available in production is 1080p and 60hz, so that is what we are using. Although this is lower than the technical maximum output of the Xbox Series S console of 1440p and 120hz we don’t believe this is an issue […]

Sources: Kickstarter, IGN

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