Activision Takes Action Against New Cutting-Edge, AI-Powered Auto Aim Cheat Software

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Image: Activision

Reports regarding a new, cutting-edge auto aim cheat software that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to help unscrupulous gamers cheat their way through popular FPS titles such as Call of Duty began surfacing this week. While it was initially unclear how effective the new cheat program’s auto-aim, auto-lock on, and other anti-competitive features actually were, Activision has now begun taking action against it, which suggests that the software is a real threat that likely works as advertised. A video shared by Anti-Cheat Police Department on Monday revealed that the cheat program is so advanced that it even works on consoles.

A promotional video suggests that it then uses AI to detect elements of the video feed passing through the PC software, such as enemy movement and specific weapons being used, in order to activate the auto aim and auto shoot cheats. […] Although the cheat remains available to purchase, ACPD notes that by taking down the videos Activision is showing it is aware of the cheat’s presence and has likely started taking steps to fight it.

Sources: ACPD, VGC, Kotaku

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