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Cooler Master will be unveiling a gaming chair that leverages D-BOX’s haptic feedback technology very soon. This is according to a teaser video that the company shared on its official Twitter account earlier this week, which comprises rendered footage of a D-BOX console with purple highlights. It also appears that the chair will be called the Motion 1. Primarily found in movie theaters and other entertainment industries, D-BOX’s haptic motion technology enhances movies, video games, VR applications, and more by moving the body.

Following a period of tremendous R&D, backed by scores of engineers and researchers, the very first D-BOX motion-coded film hit commercial screens in 2009, creating an instant sensation for movie-goers and a ticket premium opportunity for cinemas. […] Today, D-BOX movies are featured on over 720 screens in over 40 countries worldwide and D-BOX partners with the world’s leaders in cinema, video games, virtual reality applications, themed entertainment and professional simulation, bringing a profound feeling of presence to life like never before.

Sources: Cooler Master, D-BOX, Eteknix

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  1. So is my D-BOX plugged into USB into the computer I’m watching[S] porn[/S] adult human mating rituals on?

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