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Arkane Studios’ upcoming action-adventure game, Deathloop, has been heavily publicized as a PlayStation exclusive that will only be available on the PS5 and Windows platforms when it launches on September 14, 2021. A new official gameplay walkthrough that premiered during this week’s State of Play event has revealed that Xbox gamers won’t get the privilege of playing Deathloop until next year at the earliest—according to a notice at the very end of the nearly 10-minute video, Deathloop’s console exclusivity doesn’t end until September 14, 2022. Deathloop will presumably be added to Microsoft’s game subscription service Xbox Game Pass by that date, as the company now owns Arkane Studios as part of its Bethesda acquisition.

First announced at E3 2019, Deathloop is the next game from Dishonored developers Arkane Studios. When it was first revealed, no platforms were mentioned. But the following year we learned that Deathloop and another Bethesda-published PS5 game, Ghostwire Tokyo, would be timed exclusives. Of course, the question was how long would this window last.

Sources: PlayStation, Kotaku

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  1. Huh I think I like amd being integrated into consoles so heavily. The ports to pc are native.

  2. Aww, so disappointed there isn’t a game named “Deathloo”…

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    I think I saw a death loo in one of the bathrooms in Quake 3 once :p

  3. [QUOTE=”Grimlakin, post: 37502, member: 215″]
    Huh I think I like amd being integrated into consoles so heavily. The ports to pc are native.

    For the instruction set, yeah, but all the API’s and OS system calls are going to be different, so I don’t think it really saves that much effort when making the titles cross platform.

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