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There have been a few rumors suggesting that AMD will be launching its next lineup of HEDT processors, the Ryzen Threadripper 5000 Series, later this summer. Those rumors have been echoed by hardware site MoePC, which published a report today claiming that these high-performance processors should be released in August. Code named “Chagall,” AMD’s fourth-generation Threadripper parts are said to improve upon their predecessors with the adoption of the Zen 3 architecture and other select improvements, such as a unified 32 MB L3 cache within a CCX and faster xGMI (Inter-Chip Global Memory Interconnect) speed of 18 GT/s. MoePC reports that there are no changes in many key areas such as core count and memory configuration.

Image: MoePC

There are no changes to core count, memory channels and IO. (ofc) Well, very little changes were done to Milan’s sIOD besides faster 18GT/s xGMI2 links. In addition, it is not yet certain whether there will be a refreshed new motherboard when it is released. I’m not sure if there will be refreshed new boards ready at launch.

Sources: MoePC, VideoCardz

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  1. [QUOTE=”Grimlakin, post: 37531, member: 215″]
    Will be interesting considering the limited shortages of other chips.
    CPU dies take up less wafer space that GPU dies (you get more CPUs per wafer), and tend to be just as, if not more, profitable. And these TR chips are more or less the same third-gen Ryzen AMD has been making for a long time – a few tweaks to be certain, and a better I/O module and probably more cache, but not a huge departure from what they’ve been making, so the process is pretty mature.

    As such, 5000-series CPUs have had pretty good availability, apart from a few specific SKUs which have been difficult. TR CPUs aren’t high volume parts. I’d suspect there will be some initial difficulty in availability just because they won’t be produced as high volume parts and you will have a lot of people jumping on them as soon as they first come out, but given 2-4 months, if you want one you will probably be able to get one.

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