Microsoft Announces Windows 365, a Cloud PC Service That Streams Windows to Any Device via Browser

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Image: Microsoft

The prevalence of Windows is about to get even greater with a new product from Microsoft called Windows 365. Announced today by Microsoft 365 general manager Wangui McKelvey, Windows 365 is a service that allows users to run a full version of Windows 10 (and Windows 11, after it debuts) on Mac, iPad, Linux, Android, and other devices through a web browser by leveraging the power of the cloud. While this so-called “Cloud PC” service will only be available to businesses upon its inception, Microsoft has promised that Windows 365 users will be able to stream the full Windows experience, including all apps, data, and settings. Windows 365 will also provide an instant-on boot experience and allow users to pick up wherever they left off.

You can get the same work done on a laptop in a hotel room, a tablet from their car between appointments, or your desktop while you’re in the office. Seasonal workers also can ramp on and off according to the needs of the business, allowing the organization to scale for busy periods without the complicated logistical and security challenges of issuing new hardware. Further, companies can be more targeted in how they outfit specialized workers in creative, analytics, engineering, or scientific roles who need greater compute power and access to critical applications.

Source: Microsoft

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