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Netflix has released its earnings report for the second quarter of 2021, and the numbers aren’t completely positive. According to Netflix’s latest financials, the world’s largest streamer managed to grow its global subscriber base by more than 1.5 million but ended up losing 430,000 paid streaming customers in the U.S. and Canada—its key regions. Netflix’s losses are being blamed on the rapid rise of streaming competitors such as Disney+, HBO Max, and Paramount Plus, as well as a natural slowdown following the explosive growth in 2020 driven by coronavirus. In more positive news for the streamer, Netflix confirmed that it would be entering the video game market with mobile games. The company has hired video game veteran Mike Verdu, who previously worked at Facebook’s Oculus Studios and EA, to ensure the success of its new venture.

“[W]e think the time is right to learn more about how our members value games,” it said in announcing Q2 results. Netflix said games would be included as part of the monthly subscription price of its core service. […] Netflix said it’s in “the early stages of further expanding into games, building on our earlier efforts around interactivity (e.g., Black Mirror Bandersnatch) and our Stranger Things games.”

Source: Netflix (via Variety)

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  1. There it is… Mobile games. Who knows maybe they will create a fun mobile game that is worth it to play and not just a pure money grab….

  2. Let’s not ignore bullshit like the movie Cuties and other woke garbage they’ve put on the platform. Plus, Netflix has been more and more dependent on original content, a lot of which isn’t good. Yes, other streaming services are a large issue, but it’s not the only issue Netflix has faced.

  3. I do like that most Netflix-produced titles are in HDR and other nice higher-definition formats

  4. Yeah has nothing to do with their hyper-liberal/SJW programming they put out. Not everything needs a transgender character shoehorned in.

    I almost never watch Netflix anymore but I keep subscribing so I can re-watch Daredevil and Longmire. Other than that, I’m almost always on Amazon Prime or YouTube.

  5. What? Nobody had an appreciation for Bright? The Do Over? Amy Schumer : The Leather Special? Ridiculous 6?

    You all seriously need to lower your standards, meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy the fact that they have Velocipastor still available…..

  6. Never subbed to Netflix, but was interested when it was basically a single point of entry for, like, everyone’s movies and TV. Now that everyone is creating their own streaming services, I won’t subscribe to any of them… except Disney plus. I would be evicted from the house if Mickey Mouse club house was no longer available.

  7. I want to like the Witcher, but I fall asleep every time I binge the season. Hoping the second is better.

  8. Since they lost the marvel license, things that interest me have slowed down considerably.

    Star trek Discovery is decent, but it is Star trek and I’m more of a Sar wars guy, Witcher while not bad was short, currently rewatching Better call saul, waiting on the new fargo, black summer was meh, the show with Jamie Fox was bad, realy bad.

    They are going to need more stuff for me and quite a bit of it if they want to keep getting my monies.

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