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Remedy Entertainment made a name for itself in 2001 with the release of Max Payne, a critically acclaimed, noir-inspired action shooter that’s fondly remembered for allowing players to leap through the air and blast criminals in bullet time. Today happens to be the game’s 20th anniversary, and Remedy has decided to celebrate with a new video starring the original Max Payne himself, Sam Lake, as well his voice actor, James McCaffrey. Lake’s portrayal of Max Payne is notable because he’s actually one of Remedy’s key employees; Lake wrote the first two Max Payne games, as well as Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and Control. The Max Payne franchise has since been handed off to Rockstar Games, which developed a third installment in 2012. A Max Payne film starring Mark Wahlberg as the titular character was also released in 2008.

Max Payne was released on July 23, 2001, 20 years ago today. Happy birthday, Max Payne! Here’s Sam Lake (Max Payne) and James McCaffrey (Max Payne) with an anniversary message, and a special, familiar jacket.

Source: Remedy Entertainment

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  1. I played the demo that I got from a PCGamer mag. I never got the game tho. Looked decent enough.

    The movie was ok.

  2. Dang, it’s been that long already huh? I still have my boxed copy of Max Payne 1 here on my desk. Remember when games used to have 3DMark scores on their boxes?! Really enjoyed that game (which I’ve been through twice) and the sequel (I think I’ve also been through that twice). I even enjoyed the 3rd game made by Rockstar, which I played a few years ago. I think in terms of gameplay the second one was my favorite. First game made in impact on me when it first came out though. Yeah, the demo from PC Gamer mag was my first taste of the game. I might still have that demo disc too. I don’t recall what PCs I played the second game on, but the first time I played the first game I think I was on a GeForce 2 Pro. I don’t think I had my Radeon 9500 Pro yet. CPU was either a Pentium 3 500 MHz, an Athlon Tbird 1400 MHz, or an Athlon “Palomino” 1900+.

    Never seen the movie.

  3. I believe I played the first one on a Pentium 3 1ghz with a GF3 ti200 maybe or the GF2 MX200.

  4. The movie and the game are vastly disconnected from one another. Still good though.

    Played the first one through never got into the second one.

  5. I found the games to be pretty good back then, though I hated that lvl where you got captured and lost all gear and had to escape, i died dozens of times on that one.

  6. I liked the games back in the day… I even liked the rebooted one on 360. Bullet time madness!

  7. Are they gonna do an anniversary of Pac-Man too?

    Or how about Centipede or Frogger or… 😏

  8. The original Max Payne was one of the best videogames ever made, and the second one was even better, but wildly underrated. Then in a turn that become the synonym of remedy they [B]sold out[/B] to the highest bidder, which meant the end of the franchise. The movie was utterly terrible, I hated it, the only thing that had less in common with the original max payne than the movie, was the third game by rockstar games, which ruined and deconstructed the character of Max Payne, way before deconstructing white male characters was trending. And also had serious gameplay flaws that made it frustrating and annoying at times.[URL=’’] My writeup on the game.[/URL]

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