Image: AMD

AMD’s new and exciting spatial upscaling technology, FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), is now usable in many SteamVR and Vulkan-compatible games thanks to the work of two outstanding members of the modding community. Georg Lehmann (@DadSchoorse) developed the modification for SteamVR, which works by installing FSR into a separate tool called fshack for lowering in-game resolutions without changing the native resolution of a monitor, while Frydrych Holger (@fholger) designed the one for SteamVR, which can be enabled merely by copying a .dll file into a game’s file directory. Both modifications allow users to choose between various resolutions and sharpness values.

Image: AMD

This mod will allow you to use FSR in almost any Vulkan-supported game and gives you more control than AMD’s normal FSR implementations. You can choose any resolution you want to upscale from, and choose a sharpness value to your own liking. 0 is maximum sharpness, and any higher number results in lower sharpening of the game.

Sources: DadSchoorse, fholger (via Tom’s Hardware)

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