Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Latest Patch Brings Significant Performance Improvements to PC Version

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft and Asobo Studio have released a new patch for Microsoft Flight Simulator, bringing the popular flight sim to Version As hinted by the developers during a livestream from earlier this month, Microsoft Flight Simulator’s latest patch delivers a huge performance boost for players on PC thanks to improvements such as better multi-core support for CPU, better memory and GPU usage, and faster loading times. Asobo Studio’s new Microsoft Flight Simulator patch is also said to reduce stutters significantly. While the degree of performance improvement will obviously vary between hardware configurations, Asobo Studio has hinted that some users might experience impressive jumps of as much as 30 FPS.


This update includes significant performance improvements to make the experience more seamless.

  • Improved multi core support for CPU
  • Better memory and GPU usage
  • Faster loading times
  • Stutters have been significantly reduced

The latest Microsoft Flight Simulator update comes with a variety of features to make the experience more accessible for new simmers, including Discovery Flights, location labels to aid with orientation, Anti-stall & Auto-trim assists, a Flight Assistant toolbar panel during flight allowing to quickly setup a flight plan to reach nearby airports and POIs, an updated cockpit interaction model supported by more informative tooltips, additional landing gear types to land anywhere, enhanced training flights, and cross-play/cross-save between PC and console.

Source: Flight Simulator

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