GIGABYTE has introduced a new, beefy power supply called the AORUS P1200W that’s designed to attract more attention than the average PSU. Beyond the usual benefits of premium power supplies such as a fully modular design, 100 percent Japanese capacitors, and a double ball bearing fan, GIGABYTE’s AORUS P1200W PSU boasts a relatively large digital LCD monitor that can be configured to display the health status of the power supply in real time. The display can also be used to display various types of media, such as text messages, pictures, GIFs, and MP4 videos. GIGABYTE’s AORUS P1200W power supply is 80 PLUS Platinum certified.

Key Features

  • Digital LCD monitor
  • 80 PLUS Platinum certified
  • Fully modular design
  • 100% Japanese capacitors
  • Compact size design
  • 140mm smart double ball bearing fan
  • Fan dust removal function
  • Single +12V rail
  • OVP/OPP/SCP/UVP/OCP/OTP protection
  • 10 years warranty (Adjusted according to different regions)


TypeIntel Form Factor ATX 12V v2.31
PFCActive PFC (>0.9 typical)
Input Voltage100-240 Vac (full range)
Input Current15-7.5A
Input Frequency60-50 Hz
Output Capacity1200W
Dimension150 X 160 x 86mm
Fan Type140mm Double ball bearing Fan
80 PLUSPlatinum
Efficiency92% at typical load
MTBF>100,000 hours
Power Good Signal100-500ms
Hold Up Time-16ms
Cable TypeFlat, All black
ConnectorsATX/MB 20+4 Pin x 1: 610mm* 1 CPU/EPS 4+4 Pin X 2: 650mm 2 PCI-e 6+2 Pin X 10 : 650mm+150mm*4/650mm*2 SATA X 16 : 650mm+150mm+150mm+150mm*4 4 Pin Peripheral x 6+4-Pin floppy X 2 : 600mm+120mm+120mm+150mm*2

With the help of engineers’ excellent design capabilities and heat dissipation technology on various hardware products, and the use of higher quality materials, AORUS has reduced the size of a 1200W power supply that is generally designed to be 200 mm long to an amazing 160 mm, so it can be easily installed in any chassis without space constraints.


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  1. Wait, the display is ON the PSU? How would anyone see it, every case now has PSU shrouds/covers. Bizarre

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