ViewSonic Releases XG2431 240 Hz IPS Monitor, First to Pass Blur Busters’s New Certification Program

Image: ViewSonic

ViewSonic has begun shipping a new gaming monitor called the XG2431. Featuring a 23.8-inch panel with refresh rates of up to 240 Hz and a 1 ms response time, ViewSonic’s XG2431 is notable for being the first screen to receive approval from Blur Busters as part of its revised certification program, which gauges monitors for their quality of display motion. Thanks to the collaboration with Blur Busters, ViewSonic XG2431 owners will find a special PureXP motion blur reduction mode that’s tuned and enhanced with various benefits ranging from reduced strobe crosstalk for motion that’s more comparable to CRTs, as well as the ability to choose between various pre-tuned strobe settings via the monitor menu. ViewSonic’s XG2431 with Blur Busters Approved 2.0 certification is now available for $365.99.

Included Blur Busters Approved 2.0 Features

  • Reduced strobe crosstalk for motion clarity closer to CRT motion clarity;
  • Easy High Quality Pre-Tuned Strobe (60, 100, 120, 144, 240 Hz) via monitor menu!
  • Retro Friendly Strobe (60 Hz) for consoles, TV, and emulators! (MAME, RetroArch, YouTube, TV, etc)
  • Strobe any Hz in 0.001Hz increments. No preset refresh rate limitation!
  • Strobe any video or television source, not just GPUs!
  • Optional Strobe Utility support; (see below);
  • Optional Large Vertical Total support (via Custom Resolution Utility) for strobe crosstalk reductions;
  • Optional Quick Frame Transport support (via Custom Resolution Utility) for low lag strobing.
Image: ViewSonic

“The XG2431 gaming monitor is the latest monitor engineered specifically for the hard-core gamer,” said Ray Hedrick, product manager at ViewSonic. “We loaded the monitor with features and technologies that can keep up with high-end graphics cards and CPUs and make the players ready for any type of game, whether at home streaming or during a competition.”

Source: BusinessWire, Blur Busters

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