Corsair Thinks DDR5 Memory Could Run Hotter

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Image: Corsair

Corsair DIY Marketing Director George Makris and Memory Product Manager Matt Woithe recently took a trip down memory lane (cue the rimshot) to share thoughts on past and future memory designs.

Among the topics covered were concerns that DDR5 could run hotter due to design changes in the new standard. From moving voltage regulation off of the motherboard and onto the modules to incorporating a form of on-die EEC, there are a number of factors to support this idea.

They also shared that Corsair is addressing heat concerns via its patented Dual-path Heat Xchange (DHX) technology, which uses fins to cool not only the memory module but also the ground plane of the PCB itself. DXH combined with custom PCBs is expected to solve any potential heat issues with its DDR5 modules.

Corsair DIY Marketing Director, George Makris recently confirmed in a recent video that DDR5 memory could “conceivably could run much hotter than DDR4” due to voltage regulation being moved to the memory modules from the motherboard.

Source: Corsair (via TechPowerUp)

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