Firefox Loses 46 Million Users in Just Three Years

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Image: Mozilla

Despite being one of the most popular browsers back around the time it was conceived in the mid-2000s, Mozilla’s Firefox has continued to lose an alarming number of users. Much of this doom can be gleaned by the company’s own Public Data Report, which show that nearly 50 million users have jumped ship for another browsing experience that probably includes the likes of Google’s extremely popular and dominating Chrome software. According to the Firefox Public Data Report, Firefox had around 244 million users at the end of 2018, but that admirable number had fallen to a worrisome 198 million at the end of Q2 2021. That’s a loss of around 46 million users in just three years.

Image: Mozilla

[…] if the declining trend continues, users like us may just be forced to switch to other browsers by adapting to new workflows. Even if we ignore the dominant control of Google’s chrome engine on the web by arguing that it is technically better, Firefox is still something precious. Because it provides way more customizations and constantly improves its privacy practices unlike any other.

Source: Firefox (via nixcraft, It’s FOSS)

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