New PlayStation 2 Portable Features Trimmed-Down PS2 Motherboard, Runs Games without Emulation

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Image: GingerOfOz

A modder by the name of GingerOfOz has created a portable, handheld version of Sony’s iconic and best-selling PlayStation console, the PS2.

Dubbed the “PS2 Eclipse,” what’s notable about GingerOfOz’s console-turned-handheld is that it leverages some of the console’s actual hardware, such as a trimmed-down motherboard.

This means that the PS2 Eclipse can provide more of a genuine experience, running original PlayStation 2 titles in the way that they were intended without bugs, speed differences, and other oddities that may be introduced via emulation.

Some titles can stutter and load slowly due to the way the PS2 Eclipse runs games off of its USB drive, however.

The PS2 Eclipse features a 5-inch 480p 4:3 display, Nintendo Switch analog sticks, 3D-printed triggers, PS Vita buttons, and two battery cells allowing for around 2.5 hours of playtime.

The central feature of this build is the trimmed down PS2 motherboard, which lets up play our PS2 games at full speed. The information on how to cut up your own PS2 can be found in the Definitive PS2 Trimming Guide.

The screen used is a 5” 480p 4:3 display. The screen quality isn’t incredible, but it’s good enough. I used this screen because it’s a nice size, and because unlike a lot of other TFT displays, this one can understand the interlaced VGA signal from the PS2.

Source: GingerOfMods

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