Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Shares Details about New Fab Complex in the U.S.

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Image: Intel

Intel has begun the early planning stages to build a new fab complex in the U.S. as part of its IDM 2.0 initiative.

CEO Pat Gelsinger has shared some details regarding the campus, and it’s already being likened to a little city with over 10,000 employees. Featuring six to eight modules, including its own power plant, manufacturing, and packaging facilities, it’s expected to cost between $60 and $120 billion over ten years.

Each module has an estimated $10 to $15 billion price tag. Intel has not settled on a location yet but is courting all states for proposals. Gelsinger also explained that Intel began planning roughly nine months ago and that it would take about two years to build, four years to be fully online. It plans to produce technology for a variety of different sectors.

Image: Intel

So I think auto is near the top of that list, but we now see it across everything, right, industrials, because you can’t say, boy, I’m going to do wafers just for auto. We have shortages in WiFi chips to build laptops, and we have shortages in memory chips for cloud and server opportunities. We have power controllers that are limited, affecting many of the industrial industries, so quite widespread. This is largely the fabrication facilities or general purpose across them.

Source: The Washington Post (via Tom’s Hardware)

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