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Microsoft is testing a new feature for its Xbox consoles that aims to help users fall asleep easier at night following extended sessions of late-night gaming.

Appropriately dubbed “Xbox night mode,” the feature works by automatically dimming the brightness level of the screen, as well as the LED brightness of any connected controllers and the Xbox power button, after a scheduled time that can be set either manually or automatically.

There is also the option of enabling a blue light filter that adjusts the color temperature of the screen far below the usual standard of 6500K. Experts say that blue light has a detrimental effect on sleep, in that it suppresses melatonin.

Microsoft’s new Xbox night mode is currently only available for Xbox Insiders to test as part of the program’s Alpha Skip-Ahead ring, but the feature will presumably be rolled out to all Xbox users soon.

The night mode has a lot of customization, including different dimming levels and an optional blue light filter. Microsoft is also allowing Xbox owners to dim the LED brightness on their controllers in this night mode and dim the Xbox power button light or turn it off. You can also set an Xbox to switch to the system dark mode and disable HDR when the night mode is enabled.

Source: The Verge

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