GIGABYTE and Newegg Accused of Dumping “Explosive” Power Supplies on Unknowing Customers with Combo Deals

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GIGABYTE offers two power supplies called the P750GM and P850GM. These are 80 PLUS Gold certified PSUs that offer a fully modular design, 120 mm Smart Hydraulic Bearing (HYB) fan, Japanese capacitors, a powerful single +12 V rail, and other key benefits.

Enthusiasts might want to skip them, however.

According to an investigation by Gamers Nexus’ Steve Burke, there is something very wrong with the design and/or components in GIGABYTE’s P750GM and P850GM. Burke ran a series of tests and found major problems such as bad MOSFETs, some of which actually exploded in the PSUs under certain conditions.

Burke alleges that GIGABYTE knows that its P750GM and P850GM power supplies are bad and that nobody should buy them.

What’s worse is that Newegg seems to be compounding the problem. Burke pointed out that GIGABYTE’s P750GM and P850GM power supplies were—and continue to be—sold as part of the retailer’s many combo deals (bundles that are designed to save enthusiasts a bit of money by packaging core hardware components together) despite indication that both parties must be aware of the products’ shortcomings by now due to the increasing reports of DOA units and failures.

Burke plainly states that GIGABYTE and Newegg are “ultimately dumping an unsellable product on desperate buyers.”

If you wanted the graphics card but not the PSU, you’d have trouble to return one without the other. You’re essentially stuck with a product that you don’t want. Many of the Gigabyte PSUs were reported DOA, and in testing, we found many were explosive. We quantify the Newegg reviews, our own survey, and load test the PSUs. We also show which MOSFETs demonstrated failure and explain more about how power supply protections may have prevented it.

Source: Gamers Nexus

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