GIGABYTE confirmed last week that it was the latest hardware manufacturing giant to fall victim to unscrupulous hackers who succeeded in breaching the company’s security and servers.

RansomEXX, the ransomware group that is reportedly responsible for the attack, is now threatening to leak all of the files that it managed to steal unless the company meets its demands. There is reportedly 112 GB of data in total, some of which presumably offer intimate insight on some of the designs for GIGABYTE’s upcoming motherboards, graphics cards, and other major hardware products.

The stolen data includes confidential documents from both AMD and Intel, such as an Intel “Potential Issues” document, an “Ice Lake D SKU stack update schedule,” and an AMD revision guide.

RansomEXX has also leaked images confirming that it has confidential documents related to American Megatrends. American Megatrends is primarily known for its firmware for motherboards and other hardware components.

The last major hardware manufacturer that was hit by hackers was Acer. The REvil group, which later went on to target Apple in a $50 million ransomware attack, was responsible for that attack.

Image: Bleeping Computer

We have downloaded 112 GB (120,971,743,713 bytes) of your files and we are ready to PUBLISH it.
Many of them are under NDA (Intel, AMD, American Megatrends).
Leak sources: newautobom.gigabyte.intra, and some others.

Source: Bleeping Computer

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  1. Man… Imagine if those faulty power supplies… had internal communications stating that they KNEW they had an explosive potential….

    I think Gigabyte is going to pay on this one grin and smile and nod and walk away. It will be VERY interesting to see if they involve authorities.

  2. Honestly, that’s not the most damning thing they could have leak. There are things about the motherboard, CPU and GPU industries that GIGABYTE and other stakeholders do not want known by the general public. Let’s say, the BOM for an upcoming motherboard comes out and the public finds out it’s less than half the cost to build vs. what it sells for. Hell, it won’t just be GIGABYTE that would hate that.

    That being said, that’s a theoretical example. I know that margins aren’t really that high on motherboards. But, GPU’s on the other hand are another matter. Same for monitors, and other things. It could get real interesting.

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