Phanteks Announces T30-120 Ultimate Fan

Image: Phanteks

Phanteks has announced the T30-120 Ultimate Fan. It features 30mm thick glass fiber reinforced liquid crystal polymer blades, a SUNON motor, and industrial-level components. The motor is a 3-phase design with a Dual VAPO bearing that uses magnetic levitation for better performance and sound. It can be cranked up to 3,000 RPM or down to 1,200 rpm for quieter running. The blades use an aerofoil design for increased static pressure with 0.5 mm clearance for decreased turbulence. It comes with a six-year warranty and is available in single ($29.99) or triple ($84.99) packs.

The Phanteks T30-120 fan has undergone years of development and extensive testing in close collaboration with SUNON, a leading fan manufacturer. Combined with Phanteks’ expertise in chassis and air/water cooler design, we created the ultimate PC cooling fan. The T30-120 features the best aerodynamic blade design, 30mm thick frame, and is made from quality industrial-grade components to achieve a perfect balance between high cooling performance, low noise operation, and excellent sound quality.

Source: Phanteks (via TechPowerUp)

Peter Brosdahl
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