Twisted Metal Director Not Thrilled over Rumors of 2023 Sequel/Reboot

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Tom Henderson, the leaker who’s best known for his Battlefield 2042 leaks, shared an image on Twitter yesterday that has convinced some PlayStation gamers into believing that Sony might be planning a new Twisted Metal game for release in 2023.

While the news is wonderful for long-time fans who have been eagerly awaiting a new installment in the classic vehicular-combat franchise (the last Twisted Metal game was released nearly a decade ago in 2012), one of the series’ key contributors hasn’t taken the possibility of its existence too well.

David Jaffe, the notable game designer who directed and designed practically all of the Twisted Metal games since the series’ inception in 1995, reacted negatively to the rumors in a pay-walled video yesterday, suggesting that they weren’t true. Or, at least, that’s what Jaffe wants to believe, as the industry veteran admitted he’d be “very, very hurt” if Sony was working on a new Twisted Metal game without his input.

Jaffe goes on to counter Henderson’s rumors by suggesting that Sony would have given him a heads-up at the very least, but the reality is that a new Twisted Metal title doesn’t seem that far fetched based on the fact that Sony is already working on a television show based on the franchise.

Confirmed in May by Sony Pictures Entertainment Chairman and CEO Tony Vinciquerra, Twisted Metal will be one of the first shows developed by PlayStation Productions. The new series is being described as an action comedy, which is a bit unexpected considering the dark themes of the original games. This was emphasized in 2001’s Twisted Metal: Black, a title that seemed to strip any humor out of the series for a completely gloomy narrative.

“I don’t think I’m Sony’s favorite person right now, just because of this stream and everything,” he said, “[but] if it’s true I would be very, very hurt that PlayStation didn’t ask for my input at best, or at worst, at least let me know it was happening.

Source: David Jaffe (via VGC)

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