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After years of development, the new Spawn movie has a writer. Creator Todd McFarlane has signed on to direct and co-produce it. Brian Tucker (Broken City) is writing the script for the long-gestating project. Casting has not been confirmed, but Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner might be attached. It has been nearly 25 years since the original 1997 movie; this news comes as the character is experiencing renewed popularity. Pre-orders for the upcoming King Spawn comic book have broken records for publisher Image Comics, which was co-founded by McFarlane.

Image: Image Comics

The project has been percolating since 2017 and, at one point, had Jamie Foxx attached to star as the titular character and Jeremy Renner as a detective nicknamed Twitch. However, because time has passed since their initial boarding, it is unclear if the actors are still involved. Insiders say they could be re-approached after a script is written. McFarlane wrote the initial script which attracted the actors.

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Screen Rant

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  1. I had the first 18 or so copies of this back when it first came out, probably long since gone by now though, don’t know where they ended up. Was an awesome comic and TM was a great writer/artist.

  2. [QUOTE=”Paul_Johnson, post: 39642, member: 2″]
    Didn’t we do both a good HBO series and a bad Movie of this already?

    Yes and yes.

  3. Yep, it was always intended to be something a bit more than a one-off movie though. Unfortunately, that original one happened at a time when comic-book adaptations were in their infancy and Hollywood still had a strong hand in their development. Here’s hoping that Todd and the team can do a better one this time around.

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