Todd McFarlane’s Spawn Movie Gets a Writer

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Image: Image Comics

After years of development, the new Spawn movie has a writer. Creator Todd McFarlane has signed on to direct and co-produce it. Brian Tucker (Broken City) is writing the script for the long-gestating project. Casting has not been confirmed, but Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner might be attached. It has been nearly 25 years since the original 1997 movie; this news comes as the character is experiencing renewed popularity. Pre-orders for the upcoming King Spawn comic book have broken records for publisher Image Comics, which was co-founded by McFarlane.

Image: Image Comics

The project has been percolating since 2017 and, at one point, had Jamie Foxx attached to star as the titular character and Jeremy Renner as a detective nicknamed Twitch. However, because time has passed since their initial boarding, it is unclear if the actors are still involved. Insiders say they could be re-approached after a script is written. McFarlane wrote the initial script which attracted the actors.

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