As part of an in-universe N54 News update with Night City host Gillean Jordan, CD PROJEKT RED has finally shared details on its next update for its troubled sci-fi RPG, Cyberpunk 2077.

Patch 1.3 is poised to bring improvements to the game’s mini-map and introduce an option for reseting perk trees, but it’ll also address something funny and unexpected: players accidentally having sex with the wrong characters.

Cyberpunk 2077 features a location on the 12th floor of the Megabuilding H8 in Japantown, Westbrook called Clouds. This is a dollhouse that players visit early on in the game to track down a character named Evelyn Parker (the teal-haired girl above) to get information on Arasaka’s Relic biochips.

During some point in the quest, players are given the opportunity to have sex with either a male (Angel) or female (Skye) sex worker. While this sounds relatively straightforward, CD PROJEKT RED made things confusing by giving both characters unisex names and not keeping their photos up on the screen long enough for players to ascertain who they were choosing. It didn’t help that the order of the names were flipped, either.

Following various memes on r/cyberpunkgame and other social media, CD PROJEKT RED has addressed the issue in Patch 1.3 by keeping up Skye and Angel’s portraits up until just before the dialog selection so players have a better idea of who they’re bedding.

CD PROJEKT RED hasn’t settled on a release date for Cyberpunk 2077’s Patch 1.3 yet, but the company has promised that a full list of changes will be coming soon.

“Our dollhouse uses a highly advanced algorithm that perfectly matches our clients’ expectations to our wide selection of dolls. Clouds always knows. Your deepest desire — we find it. We’re currently testing an update that will allow customers to make a more informed decision during the final stage of the Matching Procedure when they select one of the compatible dolls.” — Cheri Nowlin, Receptionist

Source: Cyberpunk 2077

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  1. In my playthrough I don’t think my V had sex with the doll. Actually now I can’t recall if it was male or female. This all happens fairly early on

  2. LOL, I see they are focusing on the important things :rolleyes:
    I mean if someone can’t be bothered to pay attention to the dialogue it’s on them if they end up in the blue oyster bar unintentionally.

  3. [SIZE=7][B]Will Help Players Avoid Having Sex with the Wrong Characters[/B][/SIZE]

    The wat?

  4. OK, I can clear this up. There is a part in the story where you have to choose which sex worker to talk to. You get a choice between a male and a female. However, you don’t actually have sex with them. But, the conversation does have an intimate tone depending on the options you choose. You do have the option for physical contact, but it’s not actually sexual.

    All this change does is leave the selection menu up through the dialog so you don’t forget the name of your options. That’s how you choose.

  5. [QUOTE=”Dan_D, post: 39761, member: 6″]
    This is sensationalist garbage. All this change does is leave the selection menu up through the dialog so you don’t forget the name of your options. That’s how you choose.
    Yes it is, that is why it is unwise to run news like this unchecked. I know this is a small site and the one news writer can’t have knowledge about every topic, but I think in that case a quick google search to find context could help tone down the clickbait. Unless it is intentional, but then I’m doubly disappointment.

  6. [QUOTE=”Auer, post: 39767, member: 225″]
    First 35 years of my life:

    [SIZE=7][B]Having Sex with the Wrong Characters[/B][/SIZE]
    Me too. I hate it when that happens. 😉

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