Modder Adds First-Person Mode to Bloodborne

Image: FromSoftware

A user has added a first-person mode to Bloodborne using a mod originally made for Dark Souls III. Consoles tend to exist in closed ecosystems, so modifications like this are somewhat rare. YouTuber Garden of Eyes has been working on getting the popular PlayStation 4 game to work in first-person mode and announced they plan to release the mod to the public. Although not perfect, it gives the player a greater view of the game’s dark world.

It is finally time for Bloodborne to be played as a first person game! This has been one of most ambitious projects I have worked on, and I am very happy to to finally be able to present it to you guys!

I will be releasing this mod, as well as the shortcut door mod very soon! Though, you will be seeing some streamers use it, so look out for that!

Special thanks to Zullie the Witch, who generously walked me through the steps of how she made the mod and finding the different camera offsets on PC, which helped me greatly in implementing a proper approach on PS4 for Bloodborne, which was not exactly an easy task considering how limited PS4 modding tools are compared to PC.

Source: Garden of Eyes (via DSOG)

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