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PS4 Emulation Makes Headway: GPCS4 Boots Its First Commercial Game, “We Are Doomed”

The ability to play Bloodborne and Uncharted 4 on PC is still years away, but the developer of GPCS4 has hit a major milestone by getting a commercial game to run for the very first time.

A Cross-Dressing Cloud Appears In New Final Fantasy VII Remake “Theme Song” Trailer

The infamous Honey Bee Inn returns in FFVII Remake. While the facility won't be replicated in its entirety (director Tetsuya Nomura claims it would cause "physical unease"), cross-dressing is evidently intact.

The Last of Us Part II Coming to PC? Naughty Dog Seeking New Hire with NVIDIA GPU Knowledge

Naughty Dog wants to hire a programmer who is well versed in both AMD (GCN) and NVIDIA (CUDA) GPU architectures, as well as APIs such as DirectX 12 and Vulkan.

Horizon: Zero Dawn (a PS4 Exclusive) Is Coming to the PC in 2020, Multiple Sources Say

The age of PlayStation exclusives may be coming to an end. According to Kotaku's sources, Sony is bringing Guerrilla Games's 2017 action RPG to the PC later this year.

PlayStation 5 “Gonzalo” APU Features “PS4” and “PS4 Pro” Modes for Backwards Compatibility

The PlayStation 5's alleged APU/GPU, "Gonzalo," features "Gen1" and "Gen0" modes that mirror the performance of the PS4 Pro and PS4, respectively.

Sony Announces DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment, but It’s Still No Xbox Elite

Six years later, the DualShock 4 is finally getting paddles (there's also a nifty OLED screen).

New Final Fantasy VII Remake Screens Tease Revamped Weapons and Materia System

The long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake is just three months away, but Square Enix couldn't resist releasing...

God of War Director Would “Love” a PC Port, but the Decision Is above His Paygrade

The recent announcement of Death Stranding's PC version has sparked the hopes and dreams of other PS4...

PS4 Is Now the Second Best-Selling Console of All Time, Just Behind the PS2

Sony's latest financial results have cemented the PlayStation brand's kingship in the console space. As of Q2...

WWE 2K20 Is So Screwed Up, Sony Is Issuing Refunds to PS4 Players

Following the horrific reception to this year's edition of the professional wrestling title, Sony has opted to...