Intel Uses Drone Light Show to Tease Dual-Fan Arc Graphics Card

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Image: Intel

Intel has used 1,000 drones to promote its new Arc graphics brand. After a dizzying series of camera spins, the drones form into what might be an Alchemist graphics card. A leaked image of an engineering sample showed a similar design with dual, nine-blade fans in April. This card is expected to compete with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti and feature 512 Execution Units and 16 GB GDDR6. A dual-fan solution could be adequate for its TDP at that performance level. The teaser video ends with the new Intel Arc logo.

The design teased by Intel just happens to look almost identical to the leaked photo of the DG2-512EU engineering sample. The photo was published back in April by Moore’s Law is Dead. Both cards appear to share the same design, even the fan has 9 blades as in the leak.

Source: Intel (via VideoCardz), TechPowerUp

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