Image: NVIDIA/Arm

As previously mentioned, NVIDIA’s Arm acquisition is experiencing delays. CEO Jensen Huang admitted in a paywalled interview that talks with regulators are taking longer than expected. From missing the July deadline for submitting required documents to concerns over national security, the deal could be pushed beyond its March 2022 target. NVIDIA is still confident that regulators will allow the deal to go through due to all of its benefits. There is an option for the deal to close by September 2022, but that could also be in jeopardy should more complications arise. A public IPO for Arm isn’t off the table if this process becomes prolonged further.

Image: NVIDIA/Arm

Our discussions with regulators are taking longer than initially thought, so it’s pushing out the timetable…It’s not one particular delay…But we’re confident in the deal, we’re confident regulators should recognize the benefits of the acquisition. -NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang

Source: The Financial Times (via Tom’s Hardware)

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