Saints Row: Volition’s Grand Theft Auto Clone Is Getting a Reboot

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Image: Volition

Volition’s Saints Row franchise is best known for being the series that fans of action-adventure games jump to when they get bored with Grand Theft Auto or want something that plays similar but with a much zanier, humorous atmosphere. The franchise has received three sequels since the release of the original in 2006, but Volition is going back to the drawing board for the next one.

This is according to the official Saints Row site, which has received an updated background featuring graffiti art that hints at a complete reboot of the series. Volition has also been busy hyping up a new Saints Row entry over on Twitter, alluding that the project is a totally new game and not a simple remaster or remake.

Judging by a tweet from popular games journalist and The Game Awards architect Geoff Keighley, Volition’s Saints Row reboot will likely be revealed during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live event. This is scheduled for Wednesday, August 25 at 8 p.m. ET.

The last Saints Row release was a remastered version of the third installment, Saints Row: The Third. Developed by Sperasoft, it features remastered textures and improved lighting, as well all of the original game’s DLC.

Image: Volition

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