Cyberpunk 2077 Gets a Megamod That Rebalances the Entire Game


Leave it up to a passionate but unpaid modder to help CD PROJEKT RED fix its own multi-million-dollar game.

Scissors123454321, a NexusMods contributor, has released a comprehensive mod that rebalances pretty much all of Cyberpunk 2077’s core gameplay systems.

Appropriately dubbed “Full Gameplay Rebalance,” the so-called megamod affects everything from the way weapons, quickhacks, and healing items function to how enemy characters react thanks to AI improvements introduced to the game.

Cyberpunk 2077 players who install Full Gameplay Rebalance can expect changes to the following areas of the game, which are quite extensive:

  • AI Improvements and Enemy Balancing
  • Armor and Armor Mods
  • Cyberware
  • Explosives
  • Food, Drink, and Alcohol
  • Gameplay Mechanics
  • Healing and Drugs
  • Melee
  • Perks
  • Player Stats
  • Ranged Weapons
  • Quickhacks
  • Vendors and Pricing
  • Weapon Mods
  • XP and Gigs

Users are encouraged to read through Scissors123454321’s post on NexusMods to get a better understanding of everything that the mod changes, but one of the biggest, as noted by the author, pertains to level scaling.

The Full Gameplay Rebalance mod removes level scaling from the game in order to address discrepancies in health, damage, and other key stats that players might experience after reaching higher experience levels with V.

This could be observed in areas such as NPC to NPC damage, whereby sidekicks were practically useless against enemies due to the massive health increase they receive at higher levels. Damages should now be much more consistent.

Scissors123454321 noted that the removal of scaling makes upgrading completely useless now, but the downsides are offset by various changes made to the perks system.

Image: NexusMods

The game can’t account for whether you know you can get a full set of legendary armor and armor mods before your first gig, or whether you’re still running around with Yorinobu’s clothing and pistol at level 20. The reason why there’s so many big damage bonuses in the game like +100% melee damage here, +25% ranged damage there, is because these upgrades are all supposed to get washed out as you level up and the enemies just get more hp and damage. Hence the reason why these big bonuses had to be brought down. The end result is that the immediate bonus of a stat-increasing effect won’t feel as powerful, but by the end of the game it’ll feel the same.

Source: NexusMods

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