Quake II RTX Now Available on GOG

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Bethesda and id Software celebrated the 25th anniversary of Quake last week by releasing an enhanced version of the legendary dark fantasy FPS that’s free for PC players who already own it on Steam and Bethesda.net. GOG has decided to celebrate the franchise in a similar way by offering free, DRM-less copies of Quake II RTX, a revised edition of the classic sequel that leverages modern graphics technologies.

As indicated by the name, Quake II RTX is the same shooter that id Software fans know and love but with the added beauty of real-time ray tracing effects. These include realistic reflections, refraction, shadows, and global illumination, all of which result in a version of Quake II that’s never looked better.

Quake II RTX includes the three levels from the original shareware distribution, but GOG users can purchase the Quake II: Quad Damage package to access all levels from the base game and open up the game’s multiplayer support. Quake II: Quad Damage is available for $2.99 and includes Quake II, two mission packs (The Reckoning, Ground Zero), and the Extremities netpack.

According to one reviewer, GOG’s Quake II RTX release only includes the Windows build and doesn’t include Linux support. That version can be obtained from GitHub. Quake II RTX has been available on Steam since its original release on June 6, 2019, but the GOG version might be of interest to those who prefer the Galaxy 2.0 launcher.

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