AMD’s “Zen 4” Ryzen Processors Will Feature Integrated Graphics

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Image: AMD

AMD users who plan to build a new system around the company’s next generation of Ryzen chips may not necessarily have to worry about coupling it with a dedicated graphics solution.

Chips and Cheese has shared documents that suggest all upcoming Ryzen processors based on the Zen 4 architecture will feature iGPUs. (See the “on-chip graphics” row in the compatibility table below, which indicates dedicated graphics.)

It isn’t clear whether these iGPUs will actually be enabled in all models, but the news is good for Ryzen users who only need a relatively moderate level of graphics performance.

The documents stem from the recent GIGABYTE leak, which has revealed plenty of other interesting information such as the specifications for AMD’s upcoming Ryzen Threadripper processors.

A new block diagram shared by Chips and Cheese has created some confusion as to whether the Socket AM5 platform supports DisplayPort 2.0 or not.

A block diagram previously shared by TechPowerUp indicates that it does, but the new one doesn’t. Perhaps the latter is for Zen 4 CPUs that don’t have their iGPUs enabled.

Image: Chips and Cheese

AM5 now features an additional 4x PCIe Gen 4 lanes, which might be useful for attaching more M.2 slots or implementing a a discrete USB4 controller. These extra PCIe lanes won’t be available with all AM5 CPUs though. Unlike with Genoa, there’s no mention of PCIe 5 support on AM5 CPUs. AMD seems to have chosen more lanes instead of faster lanes.

Source: Chips and Cheese

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