LG to Launch 42-Inch OLED Gaming TVs in Early 2022

Image: LG

One of the problems with LG’s OLED TVs is that they’re just too big for the average PC gaming setup. That should no longer be a problem next year.

According to a report by The Korea Economic Daily, LG will be releasing its first 42-inch OLED gaming TVs in early 2022. This is a fantastic and practical size for PC gamers who have limited desk space or haven’t considered setting up their desks in front of an entertainment center.

LG’s 42-inch OLED gaming TVs are expected to be showcased during the next Consumer Electronics Show, which is scheduled for January 5–8, 2022.

“Apparently, LG wants to add the model to next year’ TV lineup to maximize its marketing efforts rather than unveiling it later this year,” an industry official said.

The smallest OLED TVs that LG currently offers is the 48-inch models. Sony offers something similar in its Bravia OLED line, but the size is still rather big for the average PC setup.

PC users are urged to avoid looking at this year’s inevitable Black Friday deals for larger OLED displays. LG’s upcoming 42-inch OLED displays sound absolutely ideal for PC gamers not only for their size, but the increased PPI that the smaller 4K panel will bring.

Of course, those who are impatient and can tolerate a 60 Hz refresh rate can always go for that $3,999 OLED monitor from LG that recently released.

Image: LG

In early May, industry sources said LG Electronics plans to launch a 42-inch OLED TV in the second half of this year, when its display affiliate LG Display Co. is slated to mass produce 42-inch panels.

Source: The Korea Economic Daily

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