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The Super Nintendo has officially turned 30 years old. It’s a birthday that’s definitely worth celebrating, as the system remains one of the greatest gaming consoles ever made.

Nintendo marked the event today by asking gamers what their favorite SNES games and memories were. Those undoubtedly include countless hits that range from Super Metroid and F-Zero to The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past and Donkey Kong Country.

Star Fox also earns a spot for being the first title to leverage the Super FX chip. This chip gave console gamers an early taste of the 3D experiences that would later become ubiquitous courtesy of systems such as the PlayStation and N64.

Initially released in Japan on November 21, 1990 as the Super Famicom, the Super Nintendo featured a Ricoh 5A22 with a nominal clock speed of 3.58 MHz, 128 KB of general-purpose RAM, and 64 KB of VRAM for video and audio subsystems. It also featured an Nintendo S-SMP processor for audio.

The Super Nintendo launched at a price of $199, a relative bargain compared to the fancier consoles of today. It ended up selling over 49 million units worldwide, with the majority of sales stemming from the U.S.

Source: Nintendo

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  1. I still own almost every console since Atari 2600 (missing TG16/PC-Engine and 3DO, and the Atari 2600 was lost in a move in ’89), but Super NES has always been my favorite. My own SNES from the 90s has a dead CPU, and my Super Famicom has a broken vRAM trace, so I currently do not have any properly working hardware. I prefer the look of the Super Famicom, but I like the USA controllers with the concave X and Y buttons (and the longer cord) much better than the Japanese/Euro ones. Can’t believe it’s been 30 years already. I always keep all my systems hooked up, and SNES/SFC was one of my most used systems. I still play a lot of SNES games. Been long-term borrowing a Super Famicom from a friend, and it gets used a decent amount. I also make heavy use of emulation, and one day I hope to grab an Analogue Super Nt.

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