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Warner Bros. has finally revealed the title for its fourth Matrix film starring Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne Moss.

The film will be called The Matrix: Resurrections.

Nobody should be surprised, as that title has been making the rounds for nearly two decades, way before a Matrix 4 was eventually greenlit and announced by Warner Bros in August 2019. That said, the title lines up very well with the previous sequels, The Matrix (R)eloaded and The Matrix (R)evolutions, both of which were released in 2003.

Warner Bros. complemented the title unveil by premiering The Matrix: Resurrections’ first trailer to lucky attendees at the ongoing CinemaCon convention for movie theater owners. It’s unclear when it’ll be uploaded to YouTube, but Deadline has some of the details.

The trailer reportedly begins with Neil Patrick Harris’ character talking to Neo, who is seemingly back to his boring, ignorant self before he took the red pill. Neo runs into Trinity, but neither of them seem to recognize one another. There are then shots of blue pills spilling into a sink, Neo distorting into an old man in a mirror, and a younger Morpheus handing him a red pill while telling him that it’s time to fly.

All of that is followed by a series of action sequences that, expectedly, include jumping, karate, and other acrobatics that made the original Matrix films so popular with audiences.

Directed by Lana Wachowski, The Matrix: Resurrections will be released on December 22. The film will be available to watch on day one in not only theaters, but WarnerMedia’s streaming service, HBO Max.

Image: Warner Bros.

Prior to the trailer rolling, Reeves and Moss appeared in a making-of clip exclaiming how the first movie impacted their lives. Said Reeves: “The first Matrix felt like something beyond yourself… You’ll hear the sentence ‘The Matrix changed my life.’ I say, Thank you, it changed mine too.”

Moss exclaimed about her bullet-time shoot ’em sequence from the 1999 title: “I never thought ‘Dodge this’ was going to be a big deal.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Please don’t suck…. but we all know in our hearts that it is going to suck ballz. Nothing the Wachowski’s have done since Matrix 1 has been any good. Go and watch Speed Racer, or Cloud Atlas, or Jupiter… actually just skip all of that.

  2. Sense 8 … was .. ok’ish. BUTT! seems the message of LGBQTIABCD’ism message was first and foremost instead of just telling a story that had an interesting premise.. and I think Matrix 4 will be more of the same agenda unfortunately.

    Rainbow colored strap-on anyone?

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