Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Reportedly Begins September 22

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Image: EA

The release date for Battlefield 2042’s open beta has reportedly leaked.

According to credible Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson, the open beta for EA and DICE’s latest installment of the popular shooter franchise will begin on September 22. The information has been corroborated by GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb, who claims that he was able to verify the date with his own sources.

An Italian retailer previously claimed that Battlefield 2042’s open beta would begin next week, but Henderson and Grubb appears to have debunked that rumor.

EA has already confirmed that Battlefield 2042’s open beta will begin sometime in September. Early access to the open beta can be obtained by pre-ordering any version of the game.

Grubb also shared information on Battlefield’s Hazard zone on Thursday, which appears to partially corroborate a previous leak claiming that it would play similarly to Escape from Tarkov.

The reporter said that the mode – which is yet to be detailed by EA – would be based around squad-based missions collecting intel, while battling against other player squads as well as AI opponents.

Source: Tom Henderson, Giant Bomb (via VGC)

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