Amazon Will Reportedly Launch Its Own Amazon-Branded, Alexa-Powered TV in October

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Amazon is no stranger to capitalizing on the popularity of its brand by using it to sell a wide range of products under private, in-house labels. The store brands that Amazon currently manages include AmazonBasics, a collection that includes tech accessories, as well as Solimo and Amazon Elements, which involve kitchen goods and baby products, respectively.

It appears that televisions are the next big thing on the retail giant’s list. According to sources with Business Insider, Amazon will be rolling out its own Amazon-branded TV very soon—possibly as early as October.

Amazon’s in-house TV is a closely guarded secret that has been in the works for almost two years. Amazon Devices and Lab126, the research and development team behind Amazon’s hugely popular Kindle e-reader and Amazon Echo voice devices, were involved in its creation.

Not surprisingly, these will be smart TVs that feature Amazon’s popular virtual assistant technology, Alexa. Alexa will presumably allow Amazon TV users to navigate the UI and jump to their favorite shows or apps by speaking to the set.

Amazon’s upcoming TVs are said to range from 55 to 75 inches, but pricing is unknown. It’s also unclear what type of panel technology these televisions might use.

Image: Amazon

In 2018, Amazon released a series of Alexa-powered home devices, including a microwave oven, amplifier and subwoofer. The goal is to make Alexa as ubiquitous as possible, and easily accessible by placing it in areas where people spend the most time — at home.

Source: Business Insider

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