Chaos Karts Combines Go-Kart Racing with AR Gaming

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Image: Chaos Karts

A London-based startup has combined augmented reality and go-kart racing to create Chaos Karts. Set in a warehouse in a car park, the venue uses projectors to create virtual race tracks. Since the experience is using projectors, there is no need for special glasses or goggles to provide the visuals.

Drivers can navigate the turns and also use weapons to earn points or disable opponents. They will also be able to use power-ups, much like those seen in certain racing games. The karts feature sensors that slow the vehicles if they careen off track or accelerate when a power-up is used. Chaos Karts opens to the public on September 15 and is already getting favorable reviews.

With the virtual world being digitally projected around you, the experience brings you an augmented reality experience without the need for any headsets or personal screens. It’s just you, your kart, and the virtual tracks.

The experience comes complete with varying track designs, a fully reactive and drivable electric kart and most importantly, usable in-kart power-ups and weapons that will allow you to ‘battle’ right up to the finishing line.

Source: Chaos Karts (via VGC)

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