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Update: A trailer for Alan Wake Remastered premiered during today’s PlayStation Showcase, providing a much better look at how the visuals in the remastered version of the game compares to the original. It also confirms that Alan Wake Remastered will be released on October 5.

Original story:

Remedy Entertainment’s Sam Lake officially confirmed this week that a remastered version of his cult-classic action-adventure thriller, Alan Wake, would be released this year for various platforms.

The creative director and writer provided little detail about the game’s graphical enhancements in his original announcement, but screenshots published by Amazon UK have given Alan Wake fans a very good idea of what the remastered version might look like versus the original.

As shared by Wario64 and Benji-Sales before Amazon took them down, Alan Wake Remastered’s first screenshots hint at a visually superior experience thanks to updated textures, lighting, and color grading. One shot also clearly confirms that Alan Wake’s character model has been updated, as Lake had suggested in his open letter on The Sudden Stop.

Alan Wake Remastered is the original experience you fell in love with all those years ago. We did not want to change that. But the visuals all around, including the character model of Alan Wake himself and the cinematics, have been updated and improved with some choice next-generation upgrades.

The box art for the PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series X|S versions of Alan Wake Remastered can also been viewed in one of Wario64’s tweets. Alan Wake Remastered is scheduled for release on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC (Epic Games Store) platforms this fall.

Sources: Wario64, Benji-Sales

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