Nintendo Switch Gets Price Cut in Europe Ahead of OLED Model Launch

Image: Nintendo

Nintendo is planning to release a new version of its best-selling Switch console with an upgraded OLED display on October 8 for $349, but prospective owners in Europe who think that’s too high of a premium will be able to get their hands on an older model for an even cheaper price.

As reported by VGC, European and UK retailers have begun selling the original version of the Nintendo Switch for €269.99 (down from €329.99) and £259.99 (down from £279.99). The price drop has since been confirmed by Nintendo UK, which explained that the decision was made for purposes of stratification ahead of the OLED model.

“We made the price change before the launch of Nintendo Switch – OLED Model so that the price differences between each model in Nintendo’s own retail channel, My Nintendo Store, would be what Nintendo judges to be appropriate for its own store,” said Nintendo UK.

“More than four and a half years after its first release, Nintendo Switch continues to have strong sales momentum in Europe. After carefully weighing up a variety of factors, including currency exchange rates in Europe and the upcoming launch of Nintendo Switch – OLED Model, we decided that now was the appropriate time to change the European trade price of Nintendo Switch.”

Nintendo hasn’t confirmed whether a similar price cut will happen in other territories, but it would be odd if the new pricing was limited to the UK. Originally released on March 3, 2017, the Nintendo Switch has been a stunning success that has sold nearly 90 million units thus far.

Source: VGC

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