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FanlessTech has leaked the entire T-Series of Intel’s upcoming 12th Gen Core “Alder Lake” processors. These should be relevant to Intel users who lean more toward energy-efficient builds, as the T-Series comprises processors that feature a relatively low TDP of 35 watts.

The fastest 12th Gen Intel Core “Alder Lake” T-Series chip is the Core i9-12900T, a CPU leveraging 16 cores (8 Performance Cores and 8 Efficiency Cores) and 24 threads. This is identical to the flagship Core i9-12900K’s configuration, but Core i9-12900T users should expect a slower boost clock of 4.9 GHz vs 5.3 GHz.

  • i9-12900T 16 (8+8) 24T 30MB L3 up to 4.9GHz UHD Graphics 770
  • i7-12700T 12 (8+4) 20T 25MB L3 up to 4.7GHz UHD Graphics 770
  • i5-12600T 6 (6+0) 12T 18MB L3 up to 4.6GHz UHD Graphics 770
  • i5-12500T 6 (6+0) 12T 18MB L3 up to 4.4GHz UHD Graphics 770
  • i5-12400T 6 (6+0) 12T 18MB L3 up to 4.2GHz UHD Graphics 730
  • i3-12300T 4 (4+0) 8T 12MB L3 up to 4.2GHz UHD Graphics 730
  • i3-12100T 4 (4+0) 8T 12MB L3 up to 4.1GHz UHD Graphics 730

Source: FanlessTech

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  1. If they can keep it to 35 wats TDP running 24 cores with a max boost of 4.9 GHZ… that would be… AMAZEBALLS.

    Also I think that is the realm of deep fantasy and we all know intel knows that.

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