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ArenaNet has announced that its still-popular MMORPG, Guild Wars 2, is finally getting support for DirectX 11 in the very near future. The news is amusing in that DirectX 11 isn’t anything new, nor is Guild Wars 2, which has been enjoyed by millions of players since its release on August 28, 2012.

James Fulop, Senior Engine Programmer on the Guild Wars 2 team, has shared a letter explaining why DirectX 11 is finally being added to the MMORPG. Fulops suggests that the update will enable better performance and more visual options, the latter of which should allow for a more beautiful game.

[…] Client performance is a priority for us, and we want everyone to be able to play with the highest possible framerate. We pinpointed that sometimes the game could stall waiting for rendering work to complete. Guild Wars 2 has been live for nine years now and implementing some DirectX11-dependent features can help the game continue to look beautiful over time.

DirectX11 also offers some modern technology options that aren’t available in DirectX9. Upgrading to DirectX11 is the first step toward being able to do more shiny things. After careful research we decided to integrate the open source rendering library BGFX into Guild Wars 2. BGFX is well-written and supports various graphics backends and is already used in many games industry-wide. You can learn more about it on their official website.

As for why the Guild Wars 2 team didn’t jump straight to DirectX 12 or Vulkan, Fulop explained that DirectX 11 already provides enough of a performance boost. He also argued that DirectX 11 should suffice as it’s very stable at this point, having been used by thousands of games for nearly a decade.

The beta for Guild Wars 2 with DirectX 11 support will begin on September 21, 2021. Players can opt in to the beta via the game’s Graphics Options menu.

Source: Guild Wars 2

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  1. They need a guild wars three but they would have to compete with FFXIV and really they kind of have the anime hot look on lock down right now so I’d be hard pressed to see how guild wars could compete.

    What I think we really need is a new modern world style MMO with decent graphics, engaging gameplay, a fun story, and a massive social engine that allows player housing and development.

    We had a game like this already once but it was miss firing on the game play engine and the plot was a bit too convoluted. AO I think it was… I played it but don’t really recall the game itself very well but it has that high tech is magic kind of feel and cybernetics and such you could get. If I remember correctly at the end you could have guilds that were ‘corporations’ that could make their own cities. Hell they had great player engagement with the Dev’s too. I remember we had a in game guild meeting that had a couple hundred players around that they unleashed a creature attack on. Frame rate became a slide show of course but it was fun.

    MMO’s for a while were special and had real community or GM engagement with players. Everquest you could petition for a GM to oversee an in game RP event, or even spawn creatures for an attack or whatever at a player run event.

    Wow made it all mechanical and everyone tried to replicate that. SO far FFXIV is the best version of that but with millions of players they simply can’t afford what it would take to have real in game community involvement.

    All of the modern MMO’s by comparison are lacking in that magic sauce.

    Where did I go… how did I get here… Sorry at work having to pull an all nighter because one of the main power feeds is having work done so I’m a bit distracted and loopy.

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