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A hands-on preview for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has been published, showcasing the game’s combat system and visuals. The reviewer notes that the combat system resembles that of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. They also mentioned that players will only be able to play as Star-Lord. Players will also have to make quick decisions in commanding the team during combat. The game is looking like an amalgamation of the comics and movies, visually influenced by both and with the quirky humor from the films.

Square Enix has also released new 4K screenshots. Developed by Eidos-Montréal, it could be quite the treat for fans of the franchise. Movies and comic book adaptions have not always fared well, but occasionally there are some (e.g., Marvel’s Spider-Man) that stand out. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will launch on October 26 for PC and consoles. It will feature a single-player campaign, reportedly with no microtransactions or DLC, and NVIDIA DLSS and ray tracing.

I’ll be honest: when I first saw the reveal of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, I was a little skeptical. Not of the tone, nor the story or the art design, but of the simple-looking combat that threatened to underwhelm…Ultimately, I came away far more excited to play Guardians of the Galaxy than I had been prior to my time with it. There’s a surprising amount of depth on offer in both regards to combat and characterisation, with plenty of unlockables and player choice available throughout its systems.

Sources: Square Enix (via DSOG), IGN

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